Warm Up Equipment/Set-Up
  • Upbeat music
  • Music delivery system
  • Two foam tagging tools
  • Various age-appropriate object control (foot dribbling/kicking) manipulatives
  • 10-15 cones

Cone off or designate an approx. 30 ft long by 8-10 ft. for practice adjacent to the main activity area. Variety of age-appropriate object control (lower body) items placed within this practice area. Students begin in team positions (Indoors) or designated start spot (outdoors).

Time to Use Your Skills Tag

(Object Control Skill Review)

This tag game activity prompts students to use safe moving skills and locomotor skills as they begin to move at a moderate to fast pace. It gives students an opportunity to review previously learned object control skills using a ball and their feet.

Say to students, Let’s get moving together to warm up and use some of the lower body ball skills we learned/practiced earlier this year!

  • Share with them the following:
    • Remember, our warm-up is called, Time to Use Your Skills Tag.
    • They will move all throughout the designated activity area when the music starts.
    • They should use their awareness to try to stay away from the two players designated as the taggers.
    • If they get tagged, they should exit the playing area and go to the skill practice area.
    • In the skill practice area, they will choose one of their lower body ball skills to practice.
    • They can choose to foot dribble the ball across and back the length of the practice area or try to drop/kick/catch the ball 10 times with good control.
    • After completing the ball skill, they may return to gameplay.


  1. Review body form for traveling foot dribble.
  2. Review body form for drop/kick/catch.
  3. Choose two students to be the taggers and give them safe tagging tools.
  4. Direct the other students to spread out in activity area in personal space.
  5. Begin music to begin movement.
  6. Circulate and encourage best-effort play and best-effort practice.
  7. Stop the music after 3 min. of play.
  8. Choose new taggers for a new round of the game and repeat gameplay.
  9. Direct students to return to team positions and sit down.

Fitness Focus: Standing V Stretch with Forearm Reach

Say to the students: Sit down in your team position please and try the Seated V-stretch that we learned last week.


  1. Use cue word coaching to encourage proper form with students—stand tall and strong, straight legs, legs make a shape like the letter V, feet flat on the floor.
  2. Lean forward.
  3. Reach to elbows.
  4. Stretch farther.
  5. Hold for 30 counts.


Ask students to sit comfortably in their team position.