When students are lined up, quiet, and showing body control:

Check for Understanding:

Call on 3-5 students to answer/demonstrate:

  • What is one thing you need to do with best effort in a relay race to cooperate with your team?
  • What is one of the skills we focused on using in our relay today? What other activity or game could you use that skill in?
  • Which skill challenge station did you enjoy the most?

Celebratory Closure:

Share that you are excited to move more with them next time and excited to see them use a variety of skills to cooperate and challenge themselves! Remind them that using their best effort when practicing is one of the ways they can help to improve all their skills. Call out in a celebratory voice and students repeat after each line.

  • Say (repeating terms slowly): Repeat after me.
    • B-E-S-T
    • I want to be the best I can be!


Encourage students to continue using their skills is many ways and to try a new activity or game that will challenge them!