Greet students at the door and ask them to proceed to team positions.

Say to students: 

  • Today we are going to continue to use many of the skills you have learned and practiced in Physical Education throughout the year! Remember that this is a great time to show what you know and how well you know it!
  • Raise your hand if you can remember one of the words that begins with the letter C that we learned last week. (Call on student/s) Yes, great thinking!
  • The words are competence and confidence! Repeat those two words after me.
    • Competence/Competence
    • Confidence/Confidence
  • Spin in a circle if you are ready to move, have fun and show off your skills today!

*If preparing for a cumulative event such as field day, review with students during the welcome so they will understand why/how they will be using their previously learned skills.


Ask students to stand in personal space in their team position.