Equipment Set-Up
  • Upbeat Music
  • Music delivery system
  • Two foam tagging tools
  • Various age-appropriate toss/catch and roll/receive items
  • 10-15 cones
Cone off or designate an approx. 30 ft long by 8-10 ft. for practice adjacent to the main activity area. Variety of age-appropriate toss/catch items placed within this practice area. Students begin in team positions (Indoors) or designated start spots (outdoors).
Skill Practice:

  • Color cone to represent each team
  • Five 4-6″ foam balls
  • Five bowling pins
  • Upbeat music
  • Music delivery system
Place team color cones approx. 5 ft apart on the designated start line. Place team relay equipment on the center line and on the opposite end line from the start position. Students line up in team order behind their team color cones.
Purposeful PLAY
  • Equipment varies based on skill challenge stations chosen.
  • Set various equipment in a 6-station format. Students begin with their teammates at the assigned skill challenge station.