Equipment Set-Up
Purposeful PLAY Equipment/Set-up
  • Equipment varies based on challenges chosen from lesson list
  • Students begin with their teams, spread out in designated activity space

Can You Cooperate?

(Team Cooperation Challenges)

This activity uses previously learned fundamental skills in a variety of cooperative challenges. Students work together in teams to communicate and complete a small task that uses skills they have learned and practiced earlier in the year.


  1. Share with students that they will continue to use skills to try to challenge themselves.
  2. Explain that they will use their skills to try to complete a challenge by cooperating with their team.
  3. Review with students that cooperation takes best effort by each partner and the use of talking/listening skills (communication).
  4. Explain that you will give them a cooperation challenge to try together, and they will have 2 minutes to cooperate and practice the challenge.
  5. Share/show team challenges and allow two minutes for practice/completion of each challenge.
  6. Possible Challenge Ideas to Explore:
    • Snake Jog (Can your team stand in a straight line, then follow your leader to jog together, staying behind one another at the same speed, changing directions 3 times, without bumping into one another?)
    • Over/Under Ball Pass (Can your team stand in a straight line, an arm’s length behind the person in front of you, and pass a ball backwards in an over the head-through the legs-over the head-through the legs- pattern, without dropping the ball?)
    • Through the Hoop (Can you and your teammates stand in a line facing sideways and grip hands, then pass a hula hoop from one end of the line to the other without un-gripping hands?)
    • Circle Sit to Stand (Can your team site down in a circle, grip hands, and stand up without letting any hands touch the ground?)


Ask students to create a team hand-pile with each teammate putting their favorite hand extended to the center of their team circle. Ask them to complete a team chant, saying together, Let’s Go Team!