Equipment Set-Up
  • Upbeat Music
  • Music delivery system
  • Two foam tagging tools
Designate or cone off a 10 ft. long by 3-4ft. wide area for practice. Students begin in team positions (Indoors) or designated start spot (Outdoors). 
Skill Practice:

  • Color cone to represent each team
  • Upbeat music
  • Music delivery system
  • Other equipment based on challenges chosen from lesson list
Place team color cones approx. 5 ft. apart on designated start line. Place equipment for the first challenge next to the team’s starting color cone, place equipment for the second challenge on the midway line in the center of the activity area (1 for each team). Place equipment for the third challenge on the opposite endline from the start area (1 for each team). Students line up in team order behind their team color cone
Purposeful PLAY
  • Equipment varies based on challenges chosen from lesson list
  • Students begin with their teams, spread out in designated activity space.