Equipment Set-Up
Skill Development Equipment/Set-up
  • Student teams list (4-6 students on a team)
  • Students begin at center circle.

This skill development section focuses on PE classroom protocols, team building, and safe moving.


  • Remind students that playing is a part of PE, but that when we play in PE, we are doing it with a purpose (goal). Ask them if they remember what one of our main goals is when we are playing in PE (to learn to move in new and challenging ways to become more confident with our moving skills).
  • Explain that when we play today, we will be practicing our teamwork. Ask students if they recall being in teams and practicing teamwork last year during PE. Remind them that being in teams helps us to stay organized and gives us the chance to work together in PE.


  • Explain to students that you will be positioning them into their teams.
  • Explain that after being placed into teams, they will all play a game to help them recall their new team name and the names of their teammates so they can better work together.
  • Explain that they will also be using the safe moving skills that they have practiced with you.


  • Show students where the team positions are located.
  • Point out how their team position will give them their own personal space where they will begin PE class.
  • Review strong/self-controlled Stand and Freeze and Sit and Freeze that they practiced during last PE time.
  • Tell them that when they get into their team spot they should show you a Stand and Freeze or Sit and Freeze with self-control.
  • Remind them how they can show you they are ready to listen and learn.
  • Call aloud each student’s team position. Show and direct them to their position.
  • Practice having them move safely to a sideline and back to their position three times so that they become accustomed to their new spot.


  • Ask students what they will do differently if they are holding equipment when a freeze is called out (put equipment down first, then freeze). Call on a few students to share.
  • Reinforce that these are their special positions that they will go to at the start of each PE class to show they are ready to listen and learn.


Call aloud for each team to move to one of the gym sidelines and show a standing position.

Variations Teacher can use the term that works best for them in their setting; for example, squad, color teams, number teams, etc.