Equipment Set-Up
Skill Development Equipment/Set-up
  • Upbeat music
  • Music delivery system
  • Two soft tagging implements or two vests/pinnies
  • Students begin on a sideline. Taggers begin in center

Sideline to Sideline Safe Moving Tag

This activity combines using common age-appropriate locomotor skills with familiarizing students to the various areas of the activity space (e.g., the gym) while reviewing Body Control as a safe way they are expected to move in PE.

  • Explain to students that this activity called Sideline to Sideline Safe Moving Tag, will help them remember their team name and practice using safe moving skills and teamwork.
  • Remind them that Body Control is standing strong, being in control of their body, and not bumping or banging into things or other people.


  1. Direct students to line up on either sideline and stand an arm’s length apart from the next person.
  2. Explain that when their team name is called, they will try to move safely from one sideline to the other without being tagged. If they are tagged, students must Stand and Freeze with one hand up in a “high five” position. They may return to the game when another team member gives them a “high five.”
  3. Model how to freeze in position when tagged and how to “high five” someone to unfreeze them.
  4. Choose two students to volunteer as “taggers.” Instruct them to stand in the center of the activity space. Explain that they will each be given a foam stick or a vest/pinnie to identify them as taggers.
  5. Demonstrate safe tagging with volunteers by using the foam stick or your hands to lightly tap them on the arm or leg. Have volunteers practice with each other.
  6. Explain to students that they will need to Stand and Freeze in place until you say, go, (team name), then move quickly with Body Control to the opposite side without being tagged.
  7. Start music and begin activity by calling out, go, (team name). Students on the team called should attempt to move quickly from one sideline to the other.
  8. Continue playing for 3-5 minutes, calling each team name to give students many opportunities to practice safe moving skills and team name recognition. Students may need encouragement and reminders to run when their team name is called since this may be their first exposure to this type of game.
  9. Verbally remind students to show off their teamwork skills by helping their team members who have been tagged and high fiving them to unfreeze them.


Instruct students to move safely to their team area and stand in a Stand and Freeze position.

Variations If time allows a second round of the game, the safe moving direction can be changed from sideline/sideline to endline/endline so that students are practicing moving in the different directions of the gym.