Stretch and Breathe


  1. Instruct students to stand tall and strong on the center circle and take two big steps back.
  2. Show them how to reach their arms high to the sky like branches of a tree.
  3. Have students stretch high and wide with you. Hold each stretch for 20 counts.
  4. Instruct students to breathe in slowly and deeply and then breathe all their air out slowly while they stretch down low toward their toes.
  5. Hold this position for 20 counts. Count out loud together.
  6. Add instruction for students to breathe in slowly through their nose and then out slowly through their mouth.
  7. Have students repeat Up High to the Sky then Down Low to the Ground on their own. Hold each for 20 counts.


Remind students where to line up to leave. Instruct them to use Body Control to move to the line when you call out their team name. Call each team name and allow students time to move from their team area to the exit.