When students are lined up, quiet, and showing body control:

Check for Understanding:

  • Ask students what the long name for this class is called (Physical Education). Have all repeat it.
  • Ask what the short name of this class is called (PE). Have all repeat it.
  • Ask them to share some of the reasons being active during the school day and while not in school is good for us (builds heart power, makes our bodies and brains stronger, helps us feel confident). Call on a few students to answer.

Celebratory Closure:

  • Call out in a celebratory voice and have students repeat after each line.

Say: Repeat after me.

Teamwork, teamwork [repeat]

Let’s try to use teamwork! [repeat]


Ask students if any of them asked an adult at home what their favorite way to move was when they were in PE. Call on a few students to share some of their answers. Encourage students to try to use teamwork in some way in the classroom or at home today.