Equipment Set-Up
Skill Development Equipment/Set-up
  • Upbeat music
  • Music delivery system
  • Selection of soft age-appropriate equipment (More than enough foam balls, noodles, hoops/tunnels, nylon scarves, etc. for each student)
  • Set-up can occur before class begins.
  • Distribute equipment across five to six stations around the perimeter of the activity space. 

This skill development is an exploration of the fundamentals of movement (locomotors, balance, and object control) and introduces the concept that play in PE is a way to purposefully practice what is learned, for example, practicing the protocols of listen and learn and moving with body control while exploring ways to move.


  • Ask students to raise their hand if they like to play.
  • Ask them to think of their favorite thing they like to play. Call on a few students to share.
  • Explain that playing is a part of PE, but that when we play in PE, we are doing it with a purpose (goal). Often our goal for playing in PE is to move in different and fun ways so that we become more comfortable/confident with different moves like moving while staying in one place, or moving from place to place, or moving with things like balls and scarves (balance, locomotors, object control).
  • Tell them we are now going to have the chance to play!


  • Explain that in the next activity they will get to explore all those different ways to move using different equipment that is placed around the activity space.
  • Introduce the variety of equipment for students to choose from in the activity space.
  • Remind them that when they are moving they should remember to use safe moving and body control like they did in the warm-up.
  • Explain that when the music is on they may switch their equipment at any time. When the music stops they need to freeze until you call out an area of the gym, then they will go there to show you what they learned in the warm-up.


  • When you start the music, everyone can walk around in the designated area. When the music stops, you will call out a freeze and they need to show they are ready to listen and learn (eyes on you).
  • Practice by starting the music and having students walk around.
  • Stop the music and call out, stand and freeze, and have students practice standing tall and strong. Resume music and walking. Call out, sit and freeze, and have them practice sitting tall and strong, eyes on you. Provide feedback, if needed.
  • Repeat, varying the freeze and music length.


  • Ask students what they will do differently if they are holding equipment when a freeze is called out (put equipment down first, then freeze). Call on a few students to share.
  • Reinforce that these positions show they are ready to listen and learn.


Give students 10 counts aloud to move to the first station and choose their item.