Equipment Set-Up
Purposeful PLAY Equipment/Set-up
  • Upbeat music
  • Music delivery system
  • Selection of soft age-appropriate equipment (More than enough foam balls, noodles, hoops/tunnels, nylon scarves, etc. for each student)
  • Set-up can occur before class begins.
  • Distribute equipment across five to six stations around the perimeter of the activity space. 

Practice and PLAY, Go and Show

This activity reinforces classroom protocols and identifies areas of the activity space while exploring the Fun-damentals of moving (balance, locomotor, and object control) through promotion of choice and self-expression. Equipment and procedure were introduced and practiced in the Skill Development.


  1. When the music is playing, students can do their own Purposeful PLAY anywhere in the space using any equipment they choose. Remind them they can switch equipment during this time too.
  2. Remind them to try to move many different parts of their body using small moves and big moves.
  3. When the music stops you will call out a freeze position and then call out, show what you know, as a cue for everyone to show an exercise that they know. Call out, small or big, to encourage students to show large- and small-motor skills.
  4. Start music. Continue the activity, encouraging Purposeful PLAY while walking around and interacting with students about their chosen equipment and moves.
  5. Pause music every 1-2 minutes so students freeze, then call out, show what you know.


Instruct students to put equipment back to its starting position and move safely to the center circle and stand on it.