Greet students at the entrance and ask them to proceed to team positions (tape, chalk, cones, etc.).
Say to students: It’s great to see you all again. I had fun teaching you about how to move the ball with your feet during our last PE time.

Lesson Focus: Ball Control Skills with Feet

Tell students that they are going to continue learning ball skills with their legs/feet.

  • Remind them that learning these skills will help them to participate well in fun and active games like kickball and soccer.
  • Explain that the goal is to become more confident with controlling the ball with their feet so that they’ll feel confident about joining in those types of games.
  • Share that first they are going to get their heart pumping harder and muscles moving in the warm-up activity.
  • Ask students to raise their hand if they can recall one of the reasons we want to move for multiple minutes during a warm-up. Call on a student to answer. (The heart beats faster/stronger and makes our heart stronger-the muscles become stronger when they are moving us around in different ways)


Say: Please stand up and show me a listen and learn body form, and I will see that you are ready to move.