Warm Up Equipment/Set-Up
  • Music
  • Music delivery system

Students start in team positions facing the teacher.

Warm Up: March, Meet, and Move (In Pathways)

This warm up activity allows students to begin moving at a moderate pace, using the skill of high knee marching, while they interact and cooperate with each other to complete previously learned exercises/moves.
It prompts students to use various movement pathways that they have learned previously in PE.

Remind students that in this warm-up, called March, Meet and Move, they will try to do the high knee march while moving all around in the general activity space.

Review proper form for marching: Stand strong/tall through your head and torso, Lift the knees up to waist height while alternating with a medium hard foot placement on the floor.


  • When you call aloud, meet and move, they should stop marching and turn towards the person/s closest to them.
  • This time the shorter person will show an exercise that they know, and their partner should also do the move.
  • When you call aloud, march, they will begin marching and moving around the general space again. This pattern will continue for one song.
  • You would like them to practice moving/marching in different pathways and that using pathways helps them move in different ways and makes it easier for them to move away from obstacles, which is good practice for games they will play later in PE. Review some of the different pathways they could possibly use (e.g., straight, curved, angled, zigzag, etc.)
  • They should also try to work well with others they “meet up” with by mimicking the shortest person’s moves quickly and cooperating/not arguing with each other.


  1. Start music to begin movement.
  2. Intermittently call aloud, meet and move.
  3. Monitor throughout the activity space and encourage students to do lots of movement and use of different pathways.
  4. Continue activity with intermittent cues for 3-5 minutes or one song.


When warmup is completed ask students to place a flat palm over their heart and give a thumb’s up hand signal if they can feel the heart doing its job. Then ask students to move safely to their team position.