Equipment Set-Up
  • Upbeat music
  • Music Delivery System
  • Two foam tagging tools
  • Various age-appropriate object control (foot dribbling/kicking) manipulatives
  • 10-15 cones
Cone off or designate an approx. 30 ft long by 8-10 ft. for practice adjacent to the main activity area. Variety of age-appropriate object control (lower body) items placed within this practice area. Students begin in team positions (Indoors) or designated start spot (outdoors)
Skill Practice:

  • Color cone to represent each team
  • Five 4-6″ foam balls
  • Five 4-6″ foam balls and five bowling pins
  • Upbeat music
  • Music delivery system

Students line up in team order behind their team color cone. Equipment for each team is placed on the midline and opposite endline.

Purposeful PLAY
  • Equipment varies based on skill challenge stations chosen
  • Students begin with their teammates at the assigned skill challenge station.