Cool-Down: Walk Together, Work Together


  1. Ask students to walk in pairs for this activity called, Walk Together, Work Together, interlocking one arm with each other, throughout the activity space for 30 counts.
  2. Tell students that if you tap them, they should stop with their partner, turn to face each other, reach high to the sky, touching their fingers together at the top and hold for 20 counts to make a tunnel.
  3. While they are making the tunnel, other partner teams should try to walk around or through the tunnel.
  4. Ask students to hold their tunnel for 20 counts and then go back to walking.
  5. Continue randomly tapping various partner teams to have them make a fingertip touching tunnel so that other groups can walk around and through.
  6. Ask students to sit down on the ground facing each other, place the bottoms of their feet to their partner’s and stretch toward their toes for 20 counts.
  7. Ask students to take two deep breaths, then call aloud, thank you fitness friend, to their partner/classmate that is working well with them.


Ask students to use safe moving skills to line up to leave.