When students are lined up, quiet, and showing body control:

Check for Understanding:

Call on 3-5 students to answer/demonstrate:

  • What are some things we could do to help make our heart, beat faster, to help our heart become stronger?
  • Which foot do we usually want to use to dribble the ball?
  • What type of force should we use on the ball when we are trying to dribble it?

PLAY at Home:

Find a ball at home that you could practice with. If a ball is not available, roll up some paper or a rag and put tape around it to make a practice ball. Try out your kicking and trapping the ball. Challenge yourself to try to do the narrow stance fast feet move for one minute or more.

Continue trying your foot dribble on your own at home. See if you have anything that you could try to dribble your ball under/through. What are some ideas of items we could use for that?

Celebratory Closure:

Call out in a celebratory voice: Next time, we’ll continue trying to improve your ball control with your feet!

Repeat after me:

  • Moving to-ge-ther. [repeat]  Moving together!
  • Makes us be-tter! [repeat] Makes us better!