When students are lined up, quiet, and showing body control:

Check for Understanding:

Call on 3-5 students to answer/demonstrate:

  • What’s a skill that we can use with our feet and a ball?
  • What is a move we can do to get our heart pumping harder?

PLAY at Home:

Find a ball at home that you could practice with. If a ball is not available, roll up some paper or a rag and put tape around it to make a practice ball. Try out your foot dribbling the ball. Use your high knee march at home around the house. See if you can get your heart to beat faster/harder while you are marching around.

Celebratory Closure:

Call out in a celebratory voice: Next time, we’ll continue trying to improve your ball control with your feet!

Repeat after me:

  • Moving to-ge-ther. [repeat]  Moving together!
  • Makes us be-tter! [repeat] Makes us better!