Greet students at the door and ask them to proceed to team positions (tape, chalk, cones, etc.).

Lesson Focus: Ball Control Skills with Feet

Say to Students:

  • Which part of our body have we been using to control a ball. (Our hands)
  • What are some of the skills you used to control the ball with your hands? (Call on students to share)
  • Great thinking! Now we are going to start learning how to control the ball with our feet.
  • Knowing how to control a ball with your feet will help you to join in with fun and active games like kickball, and soccer.
  • First let’s get our heart pumping harder and muscles moving in our warm-up.
  • Remember that whenever you begin moving for multiple minutes and move at a faster pace, your heart and muscles need to work harder than they usually do.
  • This movement makes your heart, beat faster, and makes you stronger.
  • Please show me a listen and learn body position, and I will teach you a new move we are going to do in our warm-up to help our heart to work harder!