Equipment Set-Up
  • Music
  • Music delivery system
  • Foam balls (one per student)
Students start in team positions facing the teacher.
Skill Practice:

  • TLP poster for Instep Kick
  • 15 space spots
  • 14 mini cones
  • 15 dense foam 4 to 6-inch balls

Place space spots in a line across the gym approximately 20 feet away from the wall and 3 to 5 feet from each other.

Half of the students begin standing on a space spot with a practice partner behind them.

Place mini cones set approximately one arm’s length in front of each kicker.

Purposeful PLAY
  • Music (nature-inspired)
  • Music delivery system
  • 5 jump ropes
  • 5 dense foam 4 to 6-inch balls
  • Safe tagging implement
  • 5-10 cones
  • Place jump ropes set out to make lava lanes and balls spread out to represent boulders.
  • Cone off an 8 to 10-foot wide area at the end of the activity space for a kick practice station.