Cool-Down: Walk Together, Work Together


  1. Ask students to walk in pairs for this activity called, Walk Together, Work Together, holding hands, throughout the activity space for 30 counts.
  2. Ask them to stop, turn to face each other and reach high to the sky, touching their fingers together at the top and hold for 20 counts. Ask them to place their feet apart and stretch low toward their toes for 20 counts.
  3. Ask them to hold hands again and march in place for 20 counts.
  4. Ask students to sit down on the ground facing each other, place the bottoms of their feet to their partner’s and stretch toward their toes for 20 counts.
  5. Ask students to take two deep breaths, then call aloud, thank you fitness friend, to their partner/classmate.


Ask students to use safe moving skills to line up to leave. Ask clean- up crew to collect/organize equipment used.